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Writer, CCO, Producer

Jillian Vitko is an actor, musician, writer, comedian, director, and producer. She also works as a COVID Safety Officer for film sets, theatres, and events.


During the 2020 pandemic, she made several "quaran-films," including the American Golden Picture Film Festival's Golden Audience Award Winner Twinstrumental. She recently directed, co-produced, and starred in a short she wrote, HoneyDough, which is on the film festival circuit and has garnered numerous awards.


She also recently produced and assistant directed the short film Expected Guest with Cinema Veritas Productions. She's currently adapting her solo show Synesthesia the Musical (Edinburgh Fringe Fest stand-out show) into a feature.


She loves working in film, both behind and in front of the camera, and she's so happy to be a part of 99 Cent Productions!

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To see some of Jillian's hysterical work as an improviser, writer and producer check out her website!

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